August 20, 2021

"Absolutely the best! I’m selling my house and an inspection revealed numerous issues with the old septic system. Mark and his competent crew of professionals quickly and efficiently solved every problem. This was within two days of my initial call.I would recommend this company to anyone who wants the job done right!"
March 12, 2021


"When something as important as your septic system has a problem, it's incredibly comforting to have a company that's responsive, that listens, and that brings the whole crew to the job within hours of the first contact. I was new to the area and was incredibly grateful for the honest and helpful work from Mark, and on site, from Jamie. You have my business for life."
October 4, 2020

"Had to have drain field.installed .Mark.was.wonderful and.very professional The crew works very efficiently. Very timely. This is a Great company"
May 26, 2020

"Wow. They got here super quick and got my tank open even though the lifting hooks were broken. I highly recommend them."
May 19, 2020

"Mark with Bobs Septic was a great guy to do business with. He’s honest, timely and overall just a good person. Him and his team replaced our septic during COVID, for a great price. Great communication as well!"