September 11, 2017

Quality at its finest

"Bob's put in whole new system for me, and of course county made it a mound. We have all seen steep mounds that you can barely mow so I wasn't happy. Luckily, Bobs has mastered the mound, very shallow slopes and looks like a natural hill! I wouldn't call anyone else for any Septic work and his son pumps tanks cleaner than anyone I've ever seen! Thanks Bobs the pride you take in work is outstanding!"
December 27, 2016

Bob S

"Great service! Great price! My drain field and septic system was a nightmare and they came in and fixed everything so it's all like new. Very thankful for their quality work!"
December 9, 2016

Outstanding Work

"They did our drain field and did such a good job with it. They also put in my sisters entire septic system when she was building a new house and she couldn't be happier with their work either. I just had them pump my septic after they finished my sisters job. Highly recommended and price was best around. Only Septic company I'll call."
September 9, 2016

Septic Tank Services

"Highly recommended! Bob's septic service did an excellent job and great price! "