March 12, 2019

A+ A+ A+

"Bob’s system construction is 2nd to none!"
April 25, 2018

Experience Shows

"This company took a permit from the county that most contractors said was "sooo difficult" and priced through the roof...well Bob's said they could do the work no problem and had best bid. They didn't disappoint. They have a unique team that really knows what to do. The health inspector even mentioned they are best at what they do in west Michigan. Only company I'll ever call again for Septic needs."
April 25, 2018

Very thankful

"They are very good at their work! So happy I called them. They have amazing experience and knowledge. Won't call any other Septic companies but them again!"
January 16, 2018

Expierence Shows

"I know Bob’s has been putting in systems longer than any other contractor! They give me a fair price, and you definitely can tell they take great pride in work! Also only contractor in area who was willing to install drain field it’s on a very steep hill! From the planning, pumping, and system installation they are 2nd to none! Will never call anyone else for any septic work! Thanks Bob’s Septic!"
September 11, 2017

Quality at its finest

"Bob's put in whole new system for me, and of course county made it a mound. We have all seen steep mounds that you can barely mow so I wasn't happy. Luckily, Bobs has mastered the mound, very shallow slopes and looks like a natural hill! I wouldn't call anyone else for any Septic work and his son pumps tanks cleaner than anyone I've ever seen! Thanks Bobs the pride you take in work is outstanding!"